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Atlas of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 1st Edition

by Hariqbal Singh (Editor), Vikash Ojha (Editor), Santosh Konde (Editor)


Magnetic Resonance Imaging: The Basics

by Christakis Constantinides (Author)


Imaging of the Temporal Bone

by Joel D. Swartz (Author), Laurie A. Loevner (Author)


Clinical Magnetic Resonance Imaging: 3-Volume Set

by Robert R. Edelman (Author), John Hesselink (Author), Michael Zlatkin (Author)


Duke Review of MRI Principles: Case Review Series, 1e

by Wells Mangrum MD (Author), Kimball Christianson MD (Author), Scott Duncan MD (Author), Phil Hoang MD (Author), Allen W Song MD (Author), Elmar Merkle MD (Author)


Planning and Positioning in MRI, 1e

by Anne Bright (Author)


Clinical 3T Magnetic Resonance

by Val M. Runge (Author)


Practical Differential Diagnosis for CT and MRI

by Eugene C. Lin (Editor), Edward Escott (Editor), Kavita Garg (Editor), Andrew G Bleicher (Editor), David Alan Alexander (Editor)


Handbook of MRI Scanning, 1e

by Geraldine Burghart MA RT(R)(MR)(M) (Author), Carol Ann Finn RT(R)(MR) (Author)


Atlas of Fetal and Infant Brain MR

by Paul D. Griffiths (Author), Janet Morris (Author), Jeanne-Claudie Larroche (Author), Michael Reeves (Author)


MRI Atlas of Human White Matter, Second Edition

by Kenichi Oishi (Author), Andreia V. Faria (Author), Peter C M van Zijl (Author), Susumu Mori (Author)


Body MRI, 1e

by Evan Siegelman (Author)


Diffusion MRI

by Derek K Jones (Author)


Practical Body MRI: Protocols, Applications and Image Interpretation

by Dr David J. Grand (Author), Dr Courtney A. Woodfield (Author), Dr William W. Mayo-Smith (Author)


Practical MR Physics

by Alexander C. Mamourian (Author)


Differential Diagnosis in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

by Francis A. Burgener (Author), Steven P. Meyers (Author), Raymond K. Tan (Author)